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Ep.1 T.I.C x Kash x Demo Beatz

[Mixing Spirits EP]


T.I.C, Kash and Demo Beatz take us through their latest joint project "Mixing Spirits".

Ep.2 SJ Loq x Demo x T.I.C

[Recording Session]


See the process in session with  SJ Loq recording new music.

Ep.3 Kash Mula x SJ Loq x Demo x T.I.C

[Recording Session]


Collab recording session with Kash Mula and SJ Loq. Demo Beatz on production, Tominthechamber engineering.

Ep.4 Kash Mula

[Recording Session]


Kash Mula talks Music & Bike Life and records 3 new tracks. Tominthechamber engineering the session.

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